Taxes are annoying. Finances can get complicated. Especially,  when you're a full-time traveler living and working out of your RV or carry-on bag. There's a lot of grey area for folks like us. 

I'm Adam Nubern, a digital nomad CPA. I've been traveling for over four years in the US and abroad out of a backpack, campervan, and now RV.  I get the lifestyle of always being on the move. 

I help digital nomads with taxes and accounting, including international travelers, full time RVers, and location independent businesses.

Let's work together to get your unique situation figured out, so you can carry on to your next adventure.  

My wife, Lindsey, and I with our camper in Arizona. Photo credit: Charlie K Media

My wife, Lindsey, and I with our camper in Arizona. Photo credit: Charlie K Media


Adam has done our taxes for several years, making the always complex process very simple. He’s organized, responsive, and a wealth of knowledge (especially when it comes to full-time traveling entrepreneurs). I highly recommend Adam as your CPA!
— Jordan Griggs, Digital Content & Social Media Marketing, 2018
Adam could be called a revolutionary. He has replaced my feelings of incompetence with confidence that my finances are in the hands of someone who is not only ABLE to make sense of it all, but also WILLING to stick with me through even the messiest problems. This year alone, Adam helped me navigate financial changes surrounding a new marriage, a cross-country move involving 3 states, an old trust, and 2 LLC’s that had serious foundational and locational changes. Most remarkably of all, throughout this process he stayed approachable, available, and ahead of the curve on both a business level and with the technology and tools he uses.
— Ashton Jackson Faire, Co-Founder & CEO @ Tribe, 2018
Adam has been a lifesaver for us when it comes to our tax preparation and giving us some advice on our business, since we have an unconventional job. Plus, Adam “gets it” when it comes to how we work and our different businesses, which is a HUGE help because we’ve worked with other older and more traditional accountants in the past and it was extremely difficult. Adam is efficient and communicates effectively. We trust him and his advice, and know he’s always out for our best interests. We really appreciate working with him and recommend him to all of our friends, especially those who are in similar situations with their jobs.
— Elizabeth Smith, Digital Marketing Consultant & Blogger, 2018