There are two pricing structures. I charge hourly for accounting projects and consulting. I charge flat rates for tax preparation.

Projects & Consulting

I charge $175 per hour for work we agree on together. 

There are no monthly fees involved. 

At the end of the month, you'll receive an invoice with a timesheet.



For nearly all tax preparation scenarios, I charge flat rates based on the tax forms you need completed.  

Here is a sample list of prices you can expect for tax preparation:

  • Individual Tax Returns - There is a $500 minimum for tax preparation.

  • Partnership Tax Returns - $735 for Form 1065, the state equivalent and two Schedules K1

  • S Corporation Tax Returns - $770 for Form 1120S, the state equivalent and two Schedules K1.

I'm sure you have questions. 

Shoot me an email. We'll set up a quick, twenty minute chat to talk about working together.

Let’s put it this way: Adam made sense of a business sale in the midst of me living abroad, moving between two states in the US, and 1099s from four different companies all of which had some variation of the name “Rhino,” and managed to get me tracking my books like an actual adult without making me feel like an idiot. He had a hard job, and I give him an A+. Highly recommend.
— Brooke Siem, Speaker & Writer, 2018