You can view over 40 recommendations on my LinkedIn Profile here. I’ve also shared them below.

I chose Adam to be my accountant and I’m glad I did. He was easy to work with, had a process in place, answered all of my questions, and understood all of the complexities of my situation (as I travel a lot). Will definitely be using him again!
— Ralph Hoffarber, Marketer, Strategist, Copywriter, 2019
I hired Adam 3 years ago after using my family accountant for years. Right away Adam found me a bigger refund. Working with Adam is easy - dropping documents onto the online portal makes exchanging information secure and easy. He is easy to communicate with and gives straight answers. Adam is passionate about his work and it shows!
— David Wodka, Chief Operating Officer, 2019
So happy I found Adam! He did a great job with my business & personal taxes and I am excited to work with him for the years to come!
— Sean Lowery, Owner of Lowery Brands, 2019
Adam did my taxes for the first time this year, and I was impressed with the experience. It was very professional and secure, and Adam was always helpful and patient with my questions. He’ll also be guiding me through the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion this year — I feel confident in his hands. Would highly recommend his tax preparation services!
— Susan Shain, Freelance Journalist, 2019
My wife and I have been working with Adam as our personal CPA for 4+ years now. Adam is a true professional that takes his job serious and does not just respond with nonsense but facts about the tax laws with back-up documentation. Our personal tax situation is not straight forward as we worked from the road 365 days a year and Adam understands our Nomadic lifestyle! I would highly recommend Nuventure CPA!
— Jamie Hesbon, Sr. VP of Business Development, 2019
Adam could be called a revolutionary. He has replaced my feelings of incompetence with confidence that my finances are in the hands of someone who is not only ABLE to make sense of it all, but also WILLING to stick with me through even the messiest problems. This year alone, Adam helped me navigate financial changes surrounding a new marriage, a cross-country move involving 3 states, an old trust, and 2 LLC’s that had serious foundational and locational changes. Most remarkably of all, throughout this process he stayed approachable, available, and ahead of the curve on both a business level and with the technology and tools he uses.
— Ashton Jackson Faire, Co-Founder & CEO @ Tribe, 2018
Adam has been a lifesaver for us when it comes to our tax preparation and giving us some advice on our business, since we have an unconventional job. Plus, Adam “gets it” when it comes to how we work and our different businesses, which is a HUGE help because we’ve worked with other older and more traditional accountants in the past and it was extremely difficult. Adam is efficient and communicates effectively. We trust him and his advice, and know he’s always out for our best interests. We really appreciate working with him and recommend him to all of our friends, especially those who are in similar situations with their jobs.
— Elizabeth Smith, Digital Marketing Consultant & Blogger, 2018
Let’s put it this way: Adam made sense of a business sale in the midst of me living abroad, moving between two states in the US, and 1099s from four different companies all of which had some variation of the name “Rhino,” and managed to get me tracking my books like an actual adult without making me feel like an idiot. He had a hard job, and I give him an A+. Highly recommend.
— Brooke Siem, Writer & Speaker, 2018
Adam is a fantastic CPA. He’s easy to work with and will explain anything that may be unclear.
— Jarrod Johnson, Online Marketing Manager, 2018
Adam has been working with me on my personal for a few years and he began supporting my small business with our taxes this year. I can’t imagine navigating the complexities of HR and accounting early-stage entrepreneurs take on without him! He’s one of the hardest working and kindest people I’ve met. We feel fortunate to have Adam in our corner, and I can’t recommend him highly enough.
— Shola Farber, Co-Founder & COO at The Tuesday Company, 2018
Adam is a great CPA, and an all around lovely human being. He’s smart, great at communicating complicated tax concepts in an easy to understand way, organized, encouraging and a very proactive communicator. Having a CPA like him has totally taken the stress out of tax time for my business, and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal or business accountant.
— Celena Carr-Thomas, Brand & Digital Strategy, 2018
Adam made my first tax season of owning my own business way more manageable than I imagined it would be. I loved his communication style - we focused on keeping things fast on email, but he was quick to move us to a call if anything got confusing. And he was always ready to clarify and simplify anything I was confused about. Working with him feels like a real team collaboration and takes the fear out of taxes. I’d highly recommend it!
— Samantha Zucker, Owner at Samantha Zucker Design Co, 2018
Adam helps not only with my taxes, but he also helped me structure my business. He’s diligent and helps you ask the right questions to get things done. If he doesn’t know an answer he’ll look it up and get back to you. I trust him with my business, and you should too.
— Brian Schwanter, Founder of Via Graphia LLC, 2018
Adam is a phenomenal CPA and an awesome guy - really appreciate his knowledge and patience as my taxes can be complicated and he has always been willing to help and answer any questions. Looking forward to working with him in the future!
— Quincy Smith, Lead SEO at Springboard, 2018
Adam has done our taxes for several years, making the always complex process very simple. He’s organized, responsive, and a wealth of knowledge (especially when it comes to full-time traveling entrepreneurs). I highly recommend Adam as your CPA!
— Jordan Griggs, Digital Content & Social Media Marketing, 2018
Adam did my taxes for the 2017 year. He came recommended from a friend. Working with Adam was easy and effective. He managed to get my fairly complicated tax situation taken care of in a timely manner and was responsive and helpful the entire time. I would highly recommend Adam as your CPA any day.
— Charlton Austin, Co-Founder & CTO at The Tuesday Company, 2018
Adam has been working with me on both my personal and business taxes for the past couple of years, and I can’t imagine having to navigate the complexities of it all without him in my corner! He’s one of the hardest working and kindest people I’ve met, and I feel lucky to work with him. If you’re looking for a CPA, I can’t recommend Adam enough.
— Jennie Armstrong, Co-Founder of Lore de Force, 2018
Adam did a great job on our taxes and explained well all the specifics to our fulltime RVing life and how it affected our business and income. He was very organized and helpful and we’d certainly recommend him next tax season!
— Margie Lundy, Nomadic Health & Business Coach, 2018
Working with Adam was a joy. He managed all of the particulars of tax season and fielded my myriad questions, yes, but what most impressed (and relieved!) me was that he understood the nuances of my “digital nomad” context. There was no question too small or problem too big - Adam handled everything positively, professionally, and punctually. If you’re a longterm traveler or otherwise are looking for a friendly and experienced CPA, Adam’s your man!
— Michael Koehler, Screenwriter & Story Consultant, 2017
Adam was great to work with as our CPA and filing our taxes. He’s very knowledgeable and thorough with our unique traveling lifestyle and mobile businesses. He walked us through all of our questions, was so easy to work with and you can tell he really cares about his clients. We are so excited to have a CPA that gets us and cares about our businesses.
— Brittany Griggs, Creator at Learn with B, 2017
Adam has been incredible to work with in 2017. He’s helped me amend previous returns, improve corporate governance, file for 2016, and prepare to file tax returns in multiple countries. Without a doubt, working with him has saved me a ton of stress (and money!) in just four months.

What I appreciate most about Adam is how polite, professional, and responsive he is. He manages expectations deftly and transparently, and has over-delivered in every way. I look forward to working with him to grow my business and would highly recommend him for tax preparation and advice for both personal and business – especially if you live a nomadic or semi-nomadic life.
— Ethan Jones, Founder at Elixir Global, 2017
Due to our special circumstances as self-employed full-time travelers, we needed someone who could work with us online, not in person. Fortunately for us, we found Adam. He made filing our taxes way more tolerable this year. He was a pleasure to work with, always answering our questions and communicating with us clearly. We hope to continue working with him for many more years to come.
— Clara Kim, Data Quality Coordinator, 2017
Adam has helped me so much over the past few months with all of my financial questions, my 2016 tax prep, and any misc. things that came up as I was figuring out how to run my business. Managing finances on a personal and professional level is incredibly stressful, but Adam was there the entire time to guide me to making the best decisions. He was always quick to respond (which is huge in my book) and happy to help. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of his services.
— Claire Biggs, Co-Founder at Lore de Force, 2017
We hired Adam as our CPA to do our taxes and also guide us on the journey of growing our business, as being full-time travelers, RVers and location independent professionals, our needs are somewhat “different” to most people. It is important we work with a CPA that “gets us and our lifestyle”. As a fellow full-time RVer, Adam totally understands our unique situation and the impact our travels can have on our income, taxes and so on. After a very positive and productive initial call, we knew we wanted to work with Adam, who has just wrapped up our 2016 tax returns. The process was all very simple, efficient and secure, using a proprietary platform for us to share our confidential documents and enable communication throughout the process. We are very happy with his work so far. His rates are reasonable and we feel confident our relationship with Adam will continue to grow over the years and look forward to the peace of mind that comes with working with a tax and accounting professional that is both detail oriented and creative, while ensuring we stay compliant. It is with great confidence that we recommend Adam and Nuventure CPA, especially for travelers and digital nomads running a business from the road.
— Julie Bennett, Co-Founder of & RV Success School, 2017
Adam did our 2016 personal and business tax return. It was absolutely great to work with him. He was so responsive and explained many facts I did not know yet. Thanks for your patience, Adam :-) We are digital nomads and had some special challenges for Adam, which he mastered excellently. I am looking forward to working with him in the future.
— Stephanie Ahlen, Operations Manager at Gyronimo, LLC, 2017
Excellent at keeping up with me and my needs, took care of a big messy disaster of a tax situation. Was totally patient and kept following up with me. Couldn’t recommend him more!
— Marshall Wendler, Entrepreneur, 2017
Adam is the man! Very knowledgeable and gives quick, thorough answers to any questions asked.
— Peter Jackman, Senior Engineer, 2016
Adam did a wonderful job helping us through tax season. He was very responsive and easy to work with. Would recommend him for anyone.
— Daniel McBrayer, Director of Engineering, 2016
Adam was very responsive and quick with handling my tax needs. He is very knowledgeable and when I had a few outside of the box situations he was quick to come up with suggestions and solutions.
— JW Heflin, Recruiter & Partner, 2016
We started working with Adam during this past tax season - he is a fantastic accountant! We had a ton of questions regarding our finances and Adam took the time to answer every tiny question and researched anything he wasn’t sure of. We are very confident in Adam’a ability and knowledge and comfortable coming to him with any questions or concerns.
— Camille Garrison, Design/Marketing, 2016
Adam not only takes the time to answer any questions you might have, but he does everything he can to make sure you understand everything. As a freelancer, my taxes are complicated. Having Adam explain to me why certain deductions were allowable while other weren’t was a huge weight off my chest.

Adam responds quickly and professionally. He was always available when I needed him and is always a pleasure to talk to! I won’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone needing a quality CPA.
— Isaac Marsh, Partner @ Conversations, 2016
Working with Adam has been an absolute dream. To be able to take care of the business, tax and financial side of things while I focus on the product has been an immense help!
I cannot recommend Adam highly enough.
Professional, timely, and knowledgeable, Adam is the real deal.
— Joe Tonsager, Owner & Designer at J.Paks, 2016
Adam is one of the greatest men I have ever met in my life on a personal level, and I hope more people get the chance to meet Adam. From a business perspective I have entrusted Adam with my business and personal taxes and have been overly impressed with the process and open communication lines. I would highly recommend Adam!
— Adam Kroneberger, Owner of Fly Fish Marketing, 2016
After asking for CPA recommendations from friends, I had over 10 people that I reached out to, many of them very well qualified. I chose to work with Adam because he was very responsive, went the extra mile with answering my tough questions and explaining my options, and was friendly and detail oriented through the whole experience. Having a “human” on the other end was a real plus for me, rather than just a person who knows the answers, Adam was able to explain the rationale and give great advice. Definitely recommend!
— Geoffrey Carrigan, Engineer, 2016
Adam was absolutely amazing to work with. I’ve been recommending him to all my friends and colleagues. He saved us valuable time and money with his services, even balancing multiple businesses and personal taxes. Highly recommend him!
— Sarah Chancey, Founder & Creative Director, 2016
Working with Adam was a delight! He prepared and filed my 2015 taxes, he and made tax season easy for me! He was always available to answer my questions (and there were many questions). I recommend Adam to everyone looking for a great experience filing their taxes. You won’t be disappointed!
— Bethanie Smith, Realtor, 2016
I hired Adam as my accountant this year and I’m very happy with the results. At first, he just advised me on my tax strategy being that I am a new small business owner. After our first meeting, I really liked his style, very transparent and trustworthy, so I decided to hire him as my accountant. I’m very pleased with the entire process. Adam is organized and on top of everything, he gives clear explanations of complicated tax stuff, and (the best part) he saved me a lot of money! I highly recommend him!
— Erica Sosa, Software Engineer, 2016
I worked with Adam to prepare my fairly complex 2014 return, and it was as good an experience as I could expect while doing taxes. Adam is a pro, 100 percent. He was responsive to my questions and very helpful in understanding the ins and outs of personal taxes. I’d recommend him in a heart beat.
— Sean McCoy, Editor in Chief at, 2015
Adam was exceptional to work with for the tax season. He kept everything moving along and made it easy for me to submit everything. He also asked a lot of great clarifying questions, so I was confident that he understood my whole tax situation. Looking forward to working together for a long time.
— Mike Mueller, Co-Founder and CEO of Armed with Truth, 2015
I enlisted the help of Adam fairly late into the 2014 tax season. As determined as I was to figure everything out on my own, my gut kept telling me to seek out a professional for advice. From the moment Adam and I started working together, I was confident that my taxes were in good hands. I echo the remarks from Adam’s other clients regarding his excellent communcation skills and responsiveness. Working with Adam was both educational and fun. It was very clear the depths to which every question was researched, leaving no stone unturned. Not only that, but he has a way of breaking down complex concepts and explaining them in a way that makes sense. Adam is exactly the kind of CPA I was looking for and I am excited to continue our work in the future!
— Brad Goodell, 2015
Adam is both my business and personal tax accountant. He helped me review my business operations to determine how to set up my business tax structure and has since been with me every step of the way. Adam is extremely talented with taxes/accounting, but more importantly is very communicative and easy to work with. Adam is your option to get a talented personal accountant for the price of using a larger less personal tax service. Get him while you can!
— Mike Powell, Property Manager, 2015
If you need any tax work done (professional or personal), consider using one heck-of-a-CPA, Adam Nubern. He finds tons of resources to get the most money back into your pocket... He has handled all of my personal and business finances... He’s an expert on deductions... He has surpassed my expectations with regard to effectiveness, timelines, attention-to-detail and communication. Super clever, affordable, and an all-round awesome dude. Complete pleasure to work with.
— Paul Bidanset, Spatial Mass Appraisal Modeling Expert, 2015